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New Style Mask by New York Fashion Week Designer Jourali

Check out how this designer was inspired to join the fight against COVID-19. Still keeping her glam style esthetic, STYLE Mask are now a safety precaution and a fashion trend for many.

I initially created the style mask for me and my daughter to be cute and safe. She is 3 so she didn’t like the typical ones. I sewed together a couple of sequin masks and posted it just to get her to wear it.

Literally the next morning I had over 20 orders for masks not knowing there was a shortage across the U.S.

Once I realized the magnitude of the design, I began sourcing different fabric choices and started selling them strictly on social media. A week in a half later I’m now at over 60 orders and have started a new campaign to help others as well.

Buy 1, Give 1

Whenever a client orders a Style Mask I create the same amount of mask and donate them to different organizations, the homeless and even essential workers.

So far we have about 40 masks for the homeless that will be given out this week and we have donated  masks to Family Dollar workers in Arlington, TX.

"This entire thing has changed my life. I lost my job and Most of my prom clients have cancelled due to COVID 19. I’m just happy God bless me with skills to accidentally create something people love and I am also able to help others in the process".

Adult masks $15

Child masks $10

Shipping $5

To order, follow @fashionmeali and @jouraliofficial on Instagram. Clients can place an order by emailing

To see fashion editorials by New York Fashion Week Designer, Jourali in Full Bloom Magazine visit our digital library.

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