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Behind the Screen: Exclusive Insights into American Fiction (2023)

"American Fiction, a film that transcends the screen to explore the complexities of identity & societal narratives." -Full Bloom Magazine

Based on the 2001 novel Erasure by Percival Everett,American Fiction is a 2023 American comedy drama film written and directed by Cord Jefferson.

We were granted an exclusive invite into the conscience stirring realms of American Fiction at a private screening in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The film screening was impeccably organized, and the diverse crowd added vibrancy. As the credits rolled, a curtain lifted on an insightful dialogue during the Q&A session with Producer Jermaine Johnson, revealing hidden gems contributing to the essence of cinematic brilliance.

Jeffrey Sterling's performance in the film was captivating, portraying a character wrestling with self-perception. The pivotal moment with Issa Rae discussing potential resonated, addressing societal accountability and humor about racism. The film's family values undertone impressed me, earning it a solid five stars. I eagerly anticipate its widespread release in January 2024 and streaming on Amazon. A must-see that beautifully navigates complex themes. #AmericanFiction #MovieReview

Producer Jermaine Johnson

Photography by Camille Marine

The star-studded lineup of American Fiction adds an extra layer of brilliance to this cinematic experience. Jeffrey Wright's nuanced portrayal, Tracee Ellis Ross's compelling presence, Issa Rae's thought-provoking performance, and Sterling K. Brown's impactful contribution collectively elevate the film. Under the direction of Cord Jefferson, these talented actors seamlessly bring the characters to life, contributing to the movie's undeniable charm and depth. Their combined talent is a testament to the film's success and makes it a standout production in its genre.

American Fiction stands as a vivid POV, leaving us captivated, inspired, and eagerly anticipating its widespread release.

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Media Coverage by Full Bloom Magazine

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