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Mirka Oktavia's Red Carpet Radiance at the Rome Film Festival

At the Rome Film Festival on October 21, 2023, Mirka Oktavia stole the spotlight. Dressed in @sanjukta_dutta's creation, Mirka blended elegance with contemporary flair, complemented by a hair masterpiece by @cine_hair_star.

The meticulous details of Mirka Oktavia's ensemble showcased not only a fashion-forward mindset but also an innate understanding of personal style. The dress, a creation by the talented @sanjukta_dutta, seamlessly blended elegance with a contemporary twist, echoing the vibrancy of the festival itself.

Hair, a crowning glory, became a masterpiece under the skilled hands of @cine_hair_star. Every strand spoke of meticulous artistry, complementing the overall ensemble and enhancing Mirka Oktavia's radiant presence.

Captured by and @karendipaola_photo, Mirka's journey down the red carpet narrated a tale of grace, confidence, and cinematic allure. This affair transcended fashion—it was Mirka Oktavia curating an image that resonates with style enthusiasts and casual onlookers alike.


Dress: @sanjukta_dutta

Hair: @cine_hair_star

Photographers: and @karendipaola_photo

For more glimpses into Mirka Oktavia's journey, follow along on her captivating adventure.

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