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THE ELEMENTS OF JAI " Poetic Painting" featuring TAR the artist.

Hey Hey Hey. It’s your girl Lady Jai and today I would like to introduce a dope artist by the name Tar. She is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. However, she was raised in Lexington, Kentucky. She makes it clear that her home away from home is Gulfport, Mississippi. She will always be a country girl at heart. Animals play a big part in the things she loves. It helps to keep her grounded as well as things like tending to the garden & her pet chickens.

Albeit she has been sketching and drawing since the 4th grade, she has never explored that talent to its potential until late 2020. She is a self-taught painter. In her free time, outside of painting, she knows how to sew, and restore old furniture. She taught herself how to play the Tuba, Piano, and Trumpet. She retwists locs as well, making her really good with her hands.

Tar was honorably discharged from the military. She suffered from depression and displaced anger. It was painting that gave her a portal to release the negative emotions and transform it into positive vibes and great synergy with all that appreciates her craft. The different colors that she uses, gives her the sense of euphoria and wants to share that with everyone.

Her inspiration comes from everything around her, whether it’s something that randomly popped into her head or something she ran across and put her own sparkle to it. The chances are that when you see a fun or happy painting, better believe she was in an uplifted mood. You can find beauty even in the opposite mood where the painting is a little abstract. Overall, her mood has to have the right horsepower of inspiration so she can put forth her 100%, especially for her clients.

There was a time when she used to always “compare” her art work to another artist. Now she not just understands, however inner and over stands that her style is unique just like everyone else’s allowing her to fully embrace it all.

Tar is excited to branch off into the art world of Tattooing next. She already bought a Bishop Wand Liner to practice on fake skin. She’s excited to see what happens next. I am as well. Hope you guys are too.

Tar can be found on IG- @quingtarzan911 and on Tiktok- @therealquingtarzan

Thank you for reading Full Bloom Magazine and remember "Your Present Situation is Never Your Final Destination". -The Elements of JAI"

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