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Resilience, Creativity, and Impact: The Journey of Dr. Elyssa Green

Driven by the pursuit of excellence and influence, Dr Elyssa Green has overcome alopecia and other health challenges, embodying her mantra: "Bouncing back is not only an option, it's the only option!"

Her commitment extends to community engagement. In the face of economic turmoil in 2008, she reinvented herself with a master's degree. Despite challenges, her passion for her community birthed the non-profit Teen Expressions, nurturing young talent in arts, culinary, fashion, film, and video production. The "I Am Style" showcase awarded scholarships to budding designers.

As life evolved, Dr. Green shifted her focus to address the gap between established and emerging creatives, founding the I Am Style Agency. With the pandemic's onset, she found a need to support struggling artists, offering guidance and exposure.

Recently, Dr. Green embarked on a personal campaign, shaving her head to combat alopecia. This bold move, along with the launch of Bald Boss Beauty, advocates for alopecia awareness in style, health, and education. Her dedication, determination, and loyalty to her cause, community, and creative freedom make her an invaluable asset to the world. Dr. Elyssa Green, armed with indomitable spirit, is poised to make an impact wherever her journey leads.

Follow Dr Green’s journey on social media @Baldbossbeauty and online at

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