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This week we are shining a light on Artist Denna Allmaras.

"The Qod Affect is not just a brand but a movement."

We had the pleasure of capturing Denna behind the scenes at CBS 46 Atlanta's Plugged In segment. In addition to being a fashion designer Denna tells us about her love for painting and substantiality. Here's a quick recap.

Inspiration behind Denna's artwork:

I was inspired by a scene in the movie, 'Snow White and the Huntsman'. The " Mirror, Mirror on the wall." when the gold spills on the floor and takes form. I love how vulnerable she is and how much she is afraid to hear the answer. As soon as she does, there is no pride or joy in her facial expression, but sorrow and power.

The name behind the canvases, is ' Sucan' in Etymology meaning, "soak"- an Old English socian ' to become saturated with a liquid by immersion; related to sucan 'to suck.'

Photography: Brooke Ross, @brookerossphotography

Art: Denna Allmaras, @theqodaffect

Upon creation, I was originally going to create a three-piece set, but due to the timing of the photoshoot, I was unable to. The day of the shoot I expressed my frustration to Brooke, and she immediately was like there already are three works of art. The two canvases, and you. So, we went with it, completing the vision by soaking my body in CBD oil and creating a wet look with my hair. I wanted to use the checkered floor pattern to symbolize the ability to contain contrasting colors and prominence. It also symbolizes the good and bad coming together.

Learn about all her one-of-a-kind denim and artwork, visit @TheQodAffect on Instagram and TikTok.


Media Coverage: booked by @iamstyleagency Full Bloom Magazine Media Team

See full video here.

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