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WOW, Wearable Art Competition. Learn how designers in 2023 are expressing their creativity.

Wearable art, also known as Artwear or "art to wear", refers to art pieces in the shape of clothing or jewelry pieces. These pieces are usually handmade and are produced only once or as a very limited series.

There's even a competition just for artist that have a unique approach to Art & Design. I know... WOW!! Actually it's really called WOW.

About the World of WearableArt (WOW) Competition

The WOW Competition is internationally renowned and attracts entries from over 40 countries. Whether you’re entering to design free from commercial restraint, to add to your student portfolio or to push the limits of your imagination, the World of WearableArt Competition offers you a truly unique creative outlet.

Open to All

The World of WearableArt Competition is open to anyone over the age of 18, from anywhere around the world.

Designers enter from the worlds of fashion, textile or industrial design, jewelry, architecture, engineering, sculpture and painting or homemaking. We see designers realizing creative ideas that they’ve had for a long time, sometimes years, and others use the section themes to spark a new vision.

Anything that is wearable art can find a place on the stage, as long as it is original, innovative and well executed.

Special thanks to I Am Style Agency, Mua Kaneesha, Photographers @picturebenwinning and @djnstudio, Models; Jaelle, Ashley and Nailoni and Stylist; Creative Camille for collaborating with this editorial.

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Tysha Sheppard
Tysha Sheppard
May 25, 2023

This was so dope!!!


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