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THE ELEMENTS OF JAI "Authentically Official" Get to know 2023 Daddy O of STETSASONIC

Hey Hey Hey. It’s your girl Lady Jai and today we get to vibe out with the energy of none other than Professor Daddy O, leader of rap group Stetsasonic. We often wonder how people got their start or who or what inspired them.

Well, for Professor Daddy O, was listening to a cassette tape from GrandMaster Flash and the Furious Five. His only expression at that time was bewilderment to the point he had to try it. He began to write and attend neighborhood jams. That led to attending clubs and eventually forming his own rap group Stethosonic.

The list goes on as far as in people that he has worked with. Here are a few: Mary J. Blige, Lil Kim, Notorious B.I.G., Red Hot Chilli Peppers, & Jeffery Osbourne. He also worked on movies like CB4 and Tales From the Hood. He did voice over work for CB4 and Alka Seltzer.

Daddy O is currently working on a solo album titled “First Team”, on his label imprint Odad Truth, which can be purchased on his Bandcamp page and is streaming everywhere. He's also working with his group Stetsasonic on their fourth studio album now titled “Here We Go Again”. He is also creating the follow up to the 1989 rap classic “Self Destruction” which will now be called “Stop Self Destruction”.

He would have loved to work with the late artist Prince. However, Kodak Black, Muni Long, Kelly Clarkson, & Miley Cyrus are some artists that he desires to work with in the near future. He wants everyone to know, taken from the kate and great, DJ Magic, PERSISTENCE OVERCOMES RESISTANCE. "Document your progress and save your artifacts".

Besides playing a little drums and keyboard, he is also working on a tell all book. “It’s like a family tree. Many people don’t know people like De La Soul and Erykah Badu are extensions of me.”

Thank you for reading Full Bloom Magazine and remember "Your Present Situation is Never Your Final Destination". -The Elements of JAI"

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