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Good Day!

Hey there, I'm Camille Marine, a natural-born designer who's been crafting fashion since my teenage years. In 2009, I founded JK Fashion Closet, a brand that's become a household name, known for its distinctive and imaginative fashion, art, and accessories. Each piece is a unique work of art - "No two items are alike. That's the beauty of the product."

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About Creative Camille

With over 15 years of experience as a dedicated Creative Director, I've steered JK Fashion Closet to success, earning accolades like Designer of the Year in 2015. Beyond the fashion world, I wear many hats - Editor in Chief of Full Bloom Magazine, CEO of Fashion House, and a driving force behind the brand strategy and marketing efforts for a diverse portfolio of confidential clients.

Venturing into Atlanta, Georgia, I took on the role of Creative Director for I Am Style Agency, collaborating with talents and productions. In 2023, my work earned recognition with features on two digital billboards and a spotlight on CBS 46's "ANF, Atlanta's Plugged In" segment hosted by Summer Jackson. Even my photography found its way onto the iconic Times Square billboard.

As a natural-born artist, my journey extends beyond the fashion realm. Producing digital content and working closely with clients inspired me to step into the coaching space. In 2023, I co-authored my first children's book, "Ninja's Reading Adventure: I Can Read Too!" with my 5-year-old son Naszir Obiago.

This journey isn't just mine; it's a collective endeavor. I want to inspire and lead you all to that moment of catalyst. Let's create, innovate, and make a mark together!


I'm an advocate for problem solving with smart solutions. The end results lead to exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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